The Mighty Works of God

And he could do no mighty work there,
except that he laid his hands on a few sick people and healed them.

Mark 6:5

Mark 6:5 should strike deep into many of our hearts and inspire us to pray, “Lord, have I hindered your work in my life because of unbelief?” Make no mistake about it, Mark intends for us to be gripped by what the people of Jesus’ hometown missed out on.

Unbelief is a thief. Unbelief freezes the work of God, not because it’s more powerful. Unbelief freezes the work of God because belief (faith/trust) is the channel through which the power of God flows.

As a preacher of God’s Word, I have witnessed many men and women that were clearly being confronted by God. For some, it was a word from the Lord about personal sin. For others, God was calling them to some new display of faith and service. Yet, when given the opportunity to trust the Lord, that man or that woman functionally said, “No, thank you.” Therefore, they missed out on being forgiven of sin, being reconciled to God, being set free from that enslaving attitude or fear or shame. They missed out on being an agent of grace to their family or their community. I have witnessed too many miss out on God’s blessing because they chose to not trust Jesus. Honestly, it is so sad.

The Word of the Lord is bearing fruit in our church in these days. Hallelujah! God is speaking. He’s calling us to repent of sin and pursue personal holiness with fresh vigor. He’s calling us to be intentional in our friendships and telling others about Jesus. He’s calling us to be more available to and mindful of the church family. He’s calling us to start new ministries and serve in new capacities. The Lord is speaking to us. Are we listening and receiving? Is unbelief hindering the work of God?

For those of you that are listening and receiving the Word, please be encouraged and do not grow weary. But if you’re wrestling with God, let me encourage you to remember that the people of Jesus’ hometown missed out. Their unbelief was not rewarded. Rather, their unbelief — their unwillingness to submit to and honor Christ — caused them to miss out on God’s blessings. If they had trusted Jesus, perhaps they would have witnessed their own resurrection like the people of Mark 5. Unbelief is never blessed and rewarded. Unbelief is a liar!

The Lord has spoken and revealed His will. Submit. Trust Him.

  • Is He calling you to serve in a new capacity? Trust Him. Let’s talk soon.
  • Is He calling you to go on a mission trip? Trust Him. Let’s talk soon.
  • Is He calling you to share the gospel and your personal testimony with someone? Trust Him. Share today.
  • Is He calling you to repent of sin & be set free? Trust Him. Let’s talk now!

The devil wants you to reject the Lord and His Word. He’d prefer you make excuses, listen to fears, stay seated and do nothing. But the Lord calls us out of darkness and into His marvelous light. He calls us to confession, to repentance and faith. He calls us to take up our crosses and follow Him.

These are wonderful days for the BMBC family. Not everything is perfect, or easy, or as we long for it to be. But many are being blessed as they are surrendering to and trusting the Lord daily. Don’t miss out. Join the family in trusting Christ today.

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